Integrate the AI of the most powerful in the world, including the Google AI, openai AI, and Microsoft AI, ai21 AI and more.


Any Questions? Answered

Our products exist and publish in the form of website and add-on. For the website, you can log in directly on our website and use our services; for the add-on, you can search for our products on the Google Workspace Marketplace. Our product design is so simple that there is almost no learning curve to use it.

Our products integrate the world's top AI services, including google AI, openai AI, ai21 AI, nlp cloud AI. Features include word processing, generating pictures, etc. They can help you improve your efficiency in writing articles and image processing.

Our products do not collect user data and privacy. Only during the user subscription process, we will judge the user's subscription status based on the user's email address. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

Our products are: ai-art, ai-article-tools, nlpcloud-ai-integrator, ai21-ai-integrator, stable diffusion ai, etc.

Our products are all saas applications, and users can use our products after subscribing to our products.